Saying Prices Are Too Good To Show
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Saying Prices Are Too Good To Show

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As I am starting to see all the leaked flyers for next week’s sales, there are various companies who are simply not advertising its prices. Instead, they put labels on the products stating things such as “Too Low to Show” or “Too Hot To Tell” in hopes that it will encourage you to go to the actual store to find out. Do these types of marketing strategies actually encourage you to go to the store and find out?

For me personally it usually doesn’t convince me much as I find there are usually very limited stocks too. At the same time, sometimes the price is no different than on a regular sales day where you will simply feel cheated. If anything, nowadays I usually use sites such as to try and research what the cheapest price of an item has been. Usually that gives me a good enough idea on what the price can and will likely be.

I always like to think that if it is really that good the you should want to show it as it will guarantee that people will be there to buy it.

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