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Saving Money On Advertising By Being Extremely Negative

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I kind of found this a little odd as lately here there has been a lot of sites and media sources that have been talking about this anonymous tumblr account called ihatevan where someone is essentially criticizing the city of Vancouver and why he thinks it is a bad place to live. You can the account at

While people seem to be arguing/debating the points that are brought up there, funny enough the first thing I thought about was this guy sure knows how to get free advertising. Based on some other items I read too, apparently the guy is anonymous because it is alleged that the person is a politician of some sort. That’s kind of funny where there are probably so many businesses that crave for that kind of attention by doing deeds or something with a more positive and yet this shows you that being negative can be more effective.

It almost feels like watching a TV show where many people condemn things like a reality show that has people fighting and cursing at each other yet those are the show directions which generate the most attention. Personally speaking, at first I didn’t think it was a big deal as to me it is simply someone expressing an opinion. At the same time, usually if a person is that vocal it can ironically mean they want things to change with good intentions. So it was kind of surprising to see how this was able to push the buttons of many people.

Maybe that old saying is true here where if you are not pissing someone off then you are not doing it right.

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