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Running Out of Time For The Day In Helping Others

This was an odd scenario today as I had a jam packed day where I still had everything pretty organized. However, an unexpected event occurred where a person I was with lost an item and so we all decided to stick around to try and find it. The thing was I knew it would take a lot of time to finish some work back at home and any further delay would make it more hectic. But what do you do in a situation where you don’t want to just leave the person who needs help?

I think in most business types of books they would often say just focus on you first as you have to think about your needs first. While that is in some ways harsh it is the rational approach assuming you not meeting your deadline would put you in a very bad situation. Usually though like today in these situations I immediately think how can I make it work for both? In this case it was actually a simple solution that may be funny as a lot of people do it anyways. I decided to eat while working at the same time.

Normally I would try and keep it separate for obvious reasons but today I made an expectation. But many times I usually find that I can find that extra time to help another in need. I tend to think of myself in that situation too and how it’s always nice to receive whatever help possible. Don’t forget too as you may not need it today but often those good deeds can eventually come back in the future too.

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