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Runaway Salesman

A few weeks ago I signed up for a service where this representative told me that he could get me this good package deal and that everything went through. After a few messages he told me there was a delay in the processing and that I would have to wait. Since it had been awhile I tried to contact him with no luck and so I decided to phone the company directly about the status. Interestingly enough, I was enrolled into a more expensive plan and it was scheduled to be installed soon.

He was a legitimate representative for the company too as his employee ID number checked out and all. The person on the phone then told me that they would send the person a message to get him to contact me back right away to get everything fixed up. Unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be happening and the install day is approaching. That then got me thinking if this was a bait and switch.

Fortunately I still have all the e-mail records and such of the agreement which I can definitely use. It just makes me wonder how I should approach this as if this was a bait and switch it’s something that I want to make sure that they don’t try on others. Maybe I need to approach this like a reporter.

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