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Restaurants Directly Asking Kids For Their Age For Billing Purposes

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This was kind of funny I thought as today we brought our mom to a brunch buffet for mother’s day and it was super pricey where each adult was like fifty dollars and every child five and over was about eighteen dollars. Kids under that eat for free. There was an odd moment where one of the waitress went up to my niece and nephew where she asks them their age which they did say. She didn’t ask all the other children though which was odd I thought.

Afterwards my brother was telling me that kids under five actually eat for free. So then it clicked to me that the business seemed to prefer to just ask the child directly as opposed to the parents as I assume a lot of parents lie about a child’s age in order to get free meals. The small kids probably only ate like five dollar worth of food too so that place definitely got a lot of profit.

Business wise I suppose it is a smart idea as it’s kind of a non-confrontational way to try and get the real age of a child for the sake of billing. It makes me wonder if there are actually that many parents out there who would coach their child to say an age that is different from what they actually are as a way to get like free stuff. I would think for parents too the investment in doing that would create negative effects for the child where in those cases the money should be more important than the value you are teaching the child.

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