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Responsibility For Your Own Actions

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Today I was in Future Shop , a consumer electronics store, and noticed that there was a lady who was trying to return a DVD movie as she wanted a refund. She did not have a receipt and mentioned that it had been over two months since she bought the item. The reason she wanted to return the item was because the DVD was damaged as it was literally broken in half. When the lady was asked on how that had happened she explained that she had accidently stepped on it. Afterwards, it was explained to her that they would be unable to give her a refund because it had been over two months, she did not have a receipt and the DVD was physically damaged.

She then started to go off on how she has bought so much from the company and that it was not only unreasonable but she then threatened to never shop there again if they did not reimburse her for the DVD. In the end, she was not allowed to return the DVD and she marched off with a disgruntled attitude. I wouldn’t be surprised if I see her in the future publishing her comments on some kind of Future Shop sucks type of site(I personally think she was very unreasonable).

Times like this I am just amazed on how some people take absolutely no blame for their life ordeals as if they are a child that doesn’t know any better and require their parents to clean up their mess. Similar to managing your finance, you must be able to take responsibility on things such as your spending habits in order to improve on it. For example, if you are working at a job that pays you a very low wage and every month you are struggling to pay the bills, it is very easy to start blaming all the problems on the fact that your current job doesn’t pay you much. Instead, why not ask yourself “What can I do to fix this?”.

You’d be surprised on how many times where I have tried to offer people advice on ways to save money by first learning about some of their habits and they would respond by saying things such as “I like to go out and drink with my friends a lot”. When I ask whether or not they would be willing to take it easy on how many times a week they would do things like that they would tell me “No Way. I only go a few times a week. It doesn’t cost me that much anyways”. If you are unwilling to recognize that your outcome is the result of what you have done, then you shouldn’t be complaining as that is the type of lifestyle you are choosing to live.

Take responsibility for your own actions and you’d be surprised just how much wiser and independent you can become in managing your lifestyle.

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