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Researching Drop Out Rates To Determine Investments

I was reading this tidbit that wasn’t too surprising where there was an owner of a fitness club who was saying his industry/business had a profitable model where for the most part well over 50% of its customers never end up fully using their memberships. Most people drop out say after thirty days of usage.

That then just made me wonder where if instead of looking at it from a value point of view such as how $10 a month sound so cheap, how would you react if instead you looked at figures such as the dropout rates first? I’m sure that would help you put things in perspective to see if it is truly worth it for you or not. The same goes for spending money on programs that say promise you the moon on how you can learn something easy or can make you a lot of easy money. Looking at the raw data on how many people are successful helps a lot to make you see if it truly is a viable investment versus an emotional one.

You don’t even need too much industry specific knowledge to find these types of figures too as you can even simply just do generic searches on places like search engines and from there it will guide you in the right path to find the numbers you are looking for.

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