Researching Into Cord Cutting
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Researching Into Cord Cutting

With all this scenario about Shaw increasing its fees for Internet services I started to research a bit more about alternatives. There were some news this year on how a service called Sling TV is supposed to give traditional cable companies a run for its money. For about $20 a month you apparently get live TV which you can use on multiple devices.

One that that I kept going back was to use an over the air solution where you can pick up channels using an antenna. On a surface level that sounds very old fashion as even I have always used cable. Things like those rabbit ears do not sound too appealing. But, after reading about it the cost and savings could make sense by using an antenna. For example, you would use an antenna to get free live HD channels from your local area. Then with the money you save you can selectively spend it on other providers if you wish. For example, buying a Netflix membership to watch movies. This would still be substantially less than a traditional cable company bill.

I did decide to dabble into this and am in the midst of finding a reasonable antenna to see what kind of channels it can produce. Will be interesting if this works out and I cancel all the services with them. The Internet access is the only tricky thing as it is not like we have Google fiber here. That would be nice to have that choice though.

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