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Reporting Bad Employees That Try To Steal Money

I was surprised by this today as a person was telling me that she went to a restaurant and as usual you have to pay the bill at the end. Apparently she handed over forty dollars and the lady then proceeded to leave the change on a tray at the cash register. However, she then noticed that at least $10 was missing and so she tried to find out why. Get this, it turned out that the employee slipped the $10 under her sleeve in hopes to essentially steal it. Of course she was forced to give it back.

What surprised me was I then replied saying she should have reported that employee and she responded by saying no point. That then made me wonder if a lot of people in these cases would simply just leave it and instead just simply never go to that business again for example. I even mentioned that if you don’t report it then who knows how many other people they have done it to already and will continue to do so.

Makes me wonder how much money if any they steal from the employer too. I know if I was in that situation I would like to be told.

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