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Remembering The Times You Fortunately Didn’t Buy A Bad Product

The other day I was reading about this non cleaning juicer that I was actually super interested in before but held off due to the uncertainty that it was crowd funded item. It was released eventually and apparently the reviews from regular users and not too good. It seemed like the machine was only really good at juicing soft items like a strawberry or say an apple. But when you get into things like a carrot apparently you get virtually nothing.

This made me relieved that I didn’t invest in this as before I could have gotten get a huge discount by pre-ordering it. If I did though this would have been like a $500 paper weight for the most part. It’s good to remember the times you essentially dodged a bullet from making these kinds of purchases too I think because it will encourage you to make sure you are not buying into something emotionally.

Everyone likes to win and many times people just remember the bad purchases they make as an example. Positive reinforcement in this way can be just as good too not to mention cheaper where you didn’t actually lose anything.

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