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References To Your Competition Whenever People Mention Your Brand

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There was a lot of camera drone news over the past few weeks. As a person who is interested in this stuff I finally decided which one I was going to get. There were mainly two companies going head to head to convince people that its product was better. There is the Karma drone from GoPro and the Mavic Pro from DJI.

What really caught my attention was how when I searched up the term “GoPro Karma” on various search engines and site it seemed like there would usually always be references to the DJI Mavic Pro. While granted a factor for this is that the product was more recently announced, I was thinking how bad that was for the company GoPro. It’s almost like by default this is encouraging people to really think about what the competitor has to offer.

Another reason this was interesting to me was that business wise it felt like GoPro had a confidence of sort that what they offered was unique enough to not be compared to a product that is just solely a drone. That definitely wasn’t the case for people like myself. It kind of shows you too where even from a search engine marketing point of view why competitors often bid on other company and brand names where they feel they can redirect some sales to them instead.

I would say on reason for this is that it seems like as a company DJI invested more in giving out its product to content creators. That of course means there are more people who can do reviews of it and all. That’s something to think about from a business point of view if you are still stuck in the mindset that you should only give like A-list celebrities your products to use. Maybe that was the only sensible thing to do when the Internet wasn’t that big, but nowadays there are just so many different channels that you need to spread your brand messaging to.

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