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Recognizing Crowd Selling Techniques Down To A Science

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Today I was listening to conference call where I thought I would learn some interesting trends in marketing to consumers. While it was advertised as free, of course I expected there to be some kind of item that the hosts were trying to sell. In the beginning they spent almost twenty minutes trying to get the “crowd” to realize how big of an opportunity this was while constantly trying to get reassurance from listeners that they were motivated to want to learn more.

When that was mentioned within the first few minutes I assumed that what they had to sell was very expensive. I say that as it is almost reminiscent of going to conventions and having a person on stage pump everyone up to reveal that their product is only $500+ sort of deal. Sure enough, it was over $1000. I did get to learn some trends though which was good, but it’s kind of interesting I thought how everyone uses the same exact technique and formula to sell to a large crowd.

It’s kind of good to be familiar with these techniques so that you don’t end up making purchases based solely on impulse due to the group think type of mentality that usually develops. Nothing wrong with people using those techniques of course as they are in the business of making money. But for everyone else you should be able to simply ignore the hype and concentrate solely on what is being offered. Your wallet will thank you.

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