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Really Putting Yourself Out There

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There was this news I read about two Snapchat users that met for a date. For those who don’t know, that platform is designed in a way where you record a short video of yourself where afterwards it gets deleted in a short while. There was a whole video done about this story too as you can see:

So as you can tell the story played out as the guy was on TV where the lady saw it and I guess you can say she developed a crush for him. So she basically took a leap of faith and posted a snapchat video saying how she wanted to meet him. The guy apparently did see the video and so they tried to find each other by making short videos of where they were. The public started to follow the saga after and of course the met.

There isn’t anything super unusual about it in a sense where people do this all the time nowadays such as people making videos about people who they admire and want to meet. But it did make me think of the notion on how sometimes you need to put yourself out there in a big way if you are going after something. Kind of like taking risk in business as many times I say we don’ go big enough. As a result of staying in that safe zone we don’t give ourselves the opportunity to grab the things we are after.

No risk no reward as they say. Something to evaluate if you are someone who wants bigger and better things whether it be some kind of growth in your professional life or trying to generate more results for your business.

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