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Really Looking At How Much You Are Going To Spend Before Spending

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With Black Friday sales coming up I had a list of stuff that I actually need where I have been holding it off until I saw a good sale for it. This made me write down a quick list of items and the estimate price I would have to pay based on my current research of the upcoming sale prices. As I looked at the list and the price totals it constantly made me think if I was over spending or not.

I feel for me this is a habit that is very relevant as to how I have developed a habit of trying to find the best deals to ensure that I am not spending more than I bring in per se. Just seeing the numbers in total and thinking about it for a bit can do a lot in terms of you really assessing if you absolutely need those items to the point where you would part ways with all that time you have spent in earning that money. That is a key point too where you view the money transaction as your time.

One funny thing though is that I don’t usually carry a list with me to go shopping as most people do. I usually find all this planning ahead of time puts me in a position to know exactly what I need at what price and be done. Saves time from having to worry on the spot too on whether or not you are spending too much money.

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