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Realizing It’s About How You Spend Your Money

Sunny drone shot

Today as I was flying the drone a person came up to me in a really excited way. He was amazed at the scenery I was able to capture and seemed to know about various manufacturers of he products. I asked if he was planning to get one too and he said yes but it was too expensive at about $1000. I noticed that he was carrying a DSLR camera and so I asked him how much that cost and he said about $1000. I didn’t need to say anything after as even he then realized that it just came down more to how he wanted to spend his money.

Whenever you say you truly can’t afford something it’s a good reminder to just look at all the stuff you actually own to see if it is really the case of not having any money. This can give you perspective too if it is simply a case of adjusting your spending habits to be able to get the things that you really want. I still thinking dining out is a great example where many times people say they can’t afford this $50 device yet the same day they are spending $50 on a single meal.

While I use things like my credit card statements to keep me in check every month to discourage me from making unnecessary purchases, if you need to get another person like your friend to look at your spending to see if anything can be changed. That can provide the unbiased opinion too where often we tell ourselves we have to have something and the third party can look at that more constructively.

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