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Rather Buy A Restaurant Meal or A Lasting Gift

It’s father’s day coming up and there was a funny conversation about what one would get for their dad. The interesting topic was how one person was interested in taking their dad out for dinner because budget wise they couldn’t spend that much money. At the same time, there was a piece of kitchen equipment that the dad apparently wanted which would cost about $20. So it was asked would that be a better choice if it is something that they wanted and it is probably less expensive than going to a restaurant?

Interestingly enough the person didn’t really have a response to that except this way at least the person knows that it wasn’t cheap per se. Kind of an interesting thing to quarrel over as to me I would think in this case the gift would be better unless we are talking about a crazy event like a graduation. Although, I guess a lot of people generally perceive going out to like a restaurant as more valuable financially. Why that is the case I am not exactly sure. Just one of those physiological things I guess where we pretty much convince ourselves that we need to spend more.

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