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Being Quiet On The Tactic But Promoting The Result

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I always enjoy reading about the journey that every individual takes to make their life financially successful. It’s always amazing to learn how diverse everyone is and how if you ever say that you can’t do it there is probably an example out there that you can specifically relate to. There was one video I was watching today though of a person that talked about how he became financially free by making one million dollars. While his speech had things that many people say such as believing in yourself, what stood out to me was how he neglected to emphasize how he placed himself in the position to be where he is at.

Based on what I read and from his own admittance in his early years he would actually lie to people in order to gain fame and attention for his work. Nobody really knew this and so his work and stories would always seem pretty sensational that is news worthy. He basically kept the lie up where eventually he got to a point where with the amount of success and attention he got pretty much built him an empire.

That is why when he started to talk about things like believing yourself and all it kind of made me think how the business tactic in this case is to essentially tell people what they want to hear. Of course from what I saw there were two reactions where some people took the message as is to praise it while others criticized it because of the way the person has done it. This is actually super common in general for a lot of people. Like for an athlete maybe the person took a ton of steroids or something where they win gold and they then go on to say how it’s all about hard work.

But in terms of business and marketing that sure kind of shows that obviously this method works for people to do it. My purpose for wanting to write out these thoughts isn’t to say that a lot of people who get wealthy fast is like a fraud per se. But a positive side is to show that many times people say they can’t do something anymore because of a past failure that will always stick with them. People demonstrate here though that as long as you keep focusing and talking about your accomplishments without the details a lot of people generally don’t care how people got to where they are.

I find it intriguing that reading stories like these show how business and can often blur the lines of hard work and getting unfair advantages. That doesn’t mean you have to follow one path, but it’s good to at least understand how people really do it in many ways.

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