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Purchases For Potential Future Use

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Today I saw a sale on a computer part that was incredibly cheap. You could easily save about $300 if you bought the item compared to what other places are charging for it. Of course, the thing is that this is just one component of many that you would need to actually build a system. While I do intend to build a new system in the future, my thought is that better things will come out by. With that in mind, even though the price seems so good that the retail price probably still won’t be as cheap by the time I want to build one it seems more sensible to hold off.

It’s more for habit I guess too as I don’t want to get in a trend of continually justifying purchases simply because the price is so cheap. Isn’t that how people end up with a like a full closet of clothes that they never wear for example? As usual too I try to think whether or not I can easily sell the item to make a profit where if I did by it at least that way I am earning something and it is not going to waste. In this case I’m thinking when you resell things in a casual way people usually expect to buy things that are a lot cheaper than retail. So the profit won’t be as great.

I think non-perishable food items are the only real things that I would immediately jump on if the prices were great and knowing that I would consume them in the future for sure.

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