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Publicly Mocking A Competitor

This was kind of entertaining today in a strange way as I was watching an event where two companies were showcasing its lineup for the year. However, one competitor decide to go on a social media blitz by creating various skits that mocked its competitors in a fashion that you would normally see in a late night talk show.

In many ways I suppose it showed me that how since so many people are connected to companies through social media in one way or another that these kind of jokes and mockery in a way makes the business seem more personable. Funny when you think about it as this is the type of stuff that a company as an entity would usually want to shy away from. It’s different if it was like one person in the business doing it.

Sign of the times I suppose where a company and its level of engagement with the public in many ways allows you to be like that guy next door in the way you communicate.

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