Promoting Others Before Receiving Compensation

Promoting Others Before Receiving Compensation

I noticed this year that there are quite a few organizations who are kind of using social media in a rather fishy way. Basically, they advertise some kind of opportunity such as a potential job where they claim their way to find the best candidate is to see who promotes them the most online. Imagine going to a store with a help wanted sign and as a pre-requisite they ask you to promote the company for a month just for the opportunity to work for them.

Maybe I am too skeptical, but this just seems like a sneaky way for a business to take advantage of people to get free advertisement. In these kinds of scenarios I think it’s best if the companies compensate you upfront for your efforts as there are simply too many who will try and exploit those who are looking for an opportunity.

Some other variations I have noticed are for phone apps where the organization mentions that everyone must install its app as a pre-requisite to even be consider for some kind of position. Be skeptical I say.

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