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Profiting From Negative Experiences

I was watching this neat documentary of sort of a person who was essentially showing the world what he goes through in trying to succeed in his profession. Of course there are a ton of ups and downs as you may expect. Not surprisingly he capitalizes on this by acquiring sponsors to advertise items to his viewers. The funny thing is that he does better financially when something bad happens to him as opposed to a positive as it generates more viewers.

I was at a seminar once and there was this lady that was saying how she had a site that dealt with her personal relationships. She then specifically said it wasn’t until she broke up with her current boyfriend that it seemed like the whole world started latching on to her while being more vocal. As a result, since then she was able to generate a huge following as well being able to make a living out of it.

Very ironic when you think about it yet very true in many ways. All a matter of just turning negatives into positives right?

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