Professional or Relatable Image Approach

Professional or Relatable Image Approach

So recently with my new drone purchase I have been trying to get some practice with it while learning as much as I can as I want to operate this in a safe and responsible way. So recently the company that makes the item released a tutorial video online to help new users like myself. While watching it I just couldn’t help but to constantly think how the person presenting it didn’t seem like an authentic expert but instead it felt like a hired company spokesman type of feeling. Sure enough from reading the comments a lot of others seemed to express the same.

I was thinking how this wasn’t the presenter’s fault as I would assume it was a corporate creative direction to use a super smiley and happy approach. That probably sounds good on paper but for things like this I would imagine it’s better to go with the relatable expert approach feel as opposed to the modelled professional spokesperson approach.

I remember even when I worked in an actual retail store before there was a specific moment where a person was telling me how he was more comfortable asking me questions about all these tech items as I answering everything in detail in ways that he understands. This is as opposed to how another person approached him with more of a corporate approach where you jump in looking like the millionaire and such. Like there the customer kind of felt that it was like an act that people just had to do which didn’t necessarily convey that the person was an expert in a topic.

Funny enough for me I was simply just being natural to the point where talking about the stuff seems like an everyday conversation. So in that sense it’s like the person could see I am just a regular guy except I knew a lot about the items he had questions about. I feel this is important for everyone who is still trying to transition from old to new media as well. I personally find in a lot of cases being too professional in every way can actually be a drawback where people assume you are just like a corporate puppet. Something to think about if you are using online platforms for your business too.

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