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Price Matching Is Foreign To Most

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This was kind of surprising to me the other day as I was talking to a friend where the company he works for happens to have a competitor right across the street that sells products that are in competition with them. The funny thing I thought was that this store you could say is very small in comparison and that if they really wanted to they should be able to put them out of business.

He was then saying how the company didn’t feel that business was targeting the same demographic and therefore they don’t try to directly compete with them. Not surprisingly that smaller business priced items cheaper as they target the enthusiasts who try and thoroughly research the price and quality of the items. I then asked if they carry the same items why wouldn’t a consumer just ask for a price beat request to save more money? His answer was simply that most consumers don’t know it even exists.

That is kind of odd to hear as almost every large business nowadays have signs plastered everywhere saying that they will beat competitor prices. It makes me wonder too how much extra money an average consumer spends simply on the notion that they don’t take advantage of price matching and price beats that most companies offer nowadays.

Takes more than just a sign to make people aware of it I suppose huh? I remember how even for my parents they were shocked when they saw a flyer showing a cheaper price for the item at another store and me simply telling them they can get the business to match that price. Guess if you want to help others save money even this little tid bit that most of us would think is universal knowledge by now still needs to be told to many.

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