Price Drop Time Period To Not Feel Ripped Off

Price Drop Time Period To Not Feel Ripped Off

Today I read about this deal from Google which I posted at where essentially a piece of software that was originally priced at one hundred and fifty dollars was now free for anyone to download. Apparently anyone who bought it this year could get a full refund and many others were happy about this offer. There were many people though who bought this just a year ago who now feel ripped off. As a result, they mention things such as how they will boycott the company because of this. It kind of made me think, how long would you have had to have the item for to be contempt on the fact that you paid money for this whereas everyone can get it for free now?

I think for me two years would be the sweet point when it comes to things like these that are priced over one hundred dollars. One year would be me disappointing that I just didn’t wait a little longer assuming that I could. Less than a year, like say six months, would make me feel like the company should compensate me back in some way. For myself anyways I would assume fro, a business point of view that they had some kind of idea ahead of time that they were going to drop the price. So if the price drop happened that fast it would feel like they took advantage of me.

For items that are like under ten dollars I wouldn’t care too much. Usually items in those price ranges are necessities. Lind of makes you think from a business point of view where if you introduce a massive price change like this on whether or not you should have some kind of compensation plan in place to maintain a good relationship for those who were willing to pay full price for your product or service not too long ago.

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