Preparing For Rain or Shine Events
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Preparing For Rain or Shine Events

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So today I went to this Illumination Light festival where a large park had a bunch of lights and dancers to celebrate the occasion. Since this is an outdoor event though heavy rain would cancel it and people were told to check its website for updates. While I was going there it was light rain and so they mentioned that the show will go on.

The unfortunate thing was as the event went on the rain started to come down extremely hard. Dispute this though a lot of the dancers still kept preforming. Though you can see when it was time to swap people were immediately rushing out. It actually made me wonder where if you were planning something like this business wise would you actually have a plan for the rain or simply cancel it all together?

I remember that story where Google had a booth at an event for the first time and not being prepared for the rain caused them to not be active for a bit. I can’t imagine investing in items like a very simple cover would be too expensive. Of course this event was a little different but generally speaking it helps to be prepared. Even like here if it was to just cover the performers that wold have probably made everything easier. Even I was saying though those people were troopers to keep going in the harsh rain.

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