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Preparing For A Plastic Bag Ban or Not

So apparently in a few years here plastic bags are going to be banned. While a lot of people I know use reusable bags for like grocery shopping, there are still many who would rather use plastic bags considering it’s still pretty cheap to get them. Would you be inclined to change your habits now so that you will be ready for the change way before?

You would think it would be a good idea anyways as opposed to paying like five cents a bag every time you go to the store. But sometimes the amount like these are simply too small for people to want to change. Even if people got like six bags per trip that would be like thirty cents which isn’t exactly going to make people squirm.

I think for me it’s not so much the cost but rather the sturdier bag options that are available where at the same time they are reusable that gets me to use different options already whenever possible. I often find with things that cost so little you often have to give yourself a bigger reason to want to make that switch. Example, being tired of heavy items breaking through those wimpy bags where the inconvenience of that is kind of a bigger factor than the money to get you to change.

One funny thing I was told was how before people were saying paper bags were bad which is why they changed it to plastic. Now it’s kind of a reverse where in many ways it’s almost like a commercially motivated adjustment.

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