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Is A Pre-Paid Credit Card Not Personable Enough For A Gift

So I was thinking today as I did my shopping where there was a digital item for a gaming console which would potentially be good for my nephew’s Christmas gift. Obviously kids don’t have credit cards and so you would either have to use your own or get them a pre-paid card for it. I still happened to have this pre-paid credit card as a result of a rebate I got awhile back. At first I was thinking why not just give this to him for Christmas which would save time. Then after thinking about it I am pretty sure the label and packaging plays a lot in making people think something is more personable.

It did seem a little silly I thought if I went this route as I would essentially be buying a $20 pre-paid card with another $20 pre-paid card. Kind of shows that when it comes to buying gifts for others that labels and packaging can at times be a deciding factor as opposed to just the functionality of it. It’s no wonder people spend millions in branding and packaging for example to try and win over consumers huh?

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