Potentially Throwing Away Items with Value
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Potentially Throwing Away Items with Value

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Today my brother was telling me that he found this very old video game buried away in some boxes as he was cleaning up. It was indeed very old, but nonetheless recognizable enough where people like collectors would actually buy. To my surprise his initial reaction was to simply throw it away into the garbage can as to him it was just junk now.

My immediate response of course is that he should just try to sell it as it does have value. It didn’t take much convincing too which was the fortunate part. Throwing away items like these into the garbage can is not even on my mind if it seems like it is something that is semi usable. Example, even if I found say an old lamp I would be inclined to see if I could sell it first.

If in doubt, just keep it and ask around first I’d say. It’s better than potentially throwing away something that could be valued for hundreds of dollars.

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  • Tim 9/7/2010

    What was the video game? How much is it worth?

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