Politics of Firing A Person

Politics of Firing A Person

Today I was hearing all these complaints of sort on how a company couldn’t fire certain individuals due to various factors such as getting rid of them will make the company itself look bad for hiring them in the first place. This was kind of funny I thought as the person in question was apparently not doing their job which in-turn affects the company’s productivity. So in a sense they would continually be making themselves look bad anyways by not doing anything.

I know some other common examples are employees that have been working for a long time would usually get some kind of generous compensation package if they were ever fired from their jobs. So as a result companies keep them around as they don’t want to have to pay for these types of things even if they turn out to be bad workers. It’s just one of those humorous things in doing business and the politics that come with it.

This doesn’t happen as much in a small business environment. Kind of makes you wonder why something this basic gets so lost in a larger businesses environment or why the system over complicates it. It’s not as easy as they show you on TV where all you say is “You’re Fired” and that’s it.

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