Planning To Buy A Certain Amount Before Travelling
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Planning To Buy A Certain Amount Before Travelling

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I was told there was a good deal at the supermarket today where you could buy a large container of blueberries for very cheap. I suppose the price was so low that the store had to enforce a one per customer policy. Since the actual destination would probably cost about one to two dollars worth of travelling to get there, at times like these I always stop and think where if there is nothing more I intend to buy then the savings isn’t entirely worth it.

I tried to think of almost anything possible such as if there were any other food or household items that I could stock up on just to justify the travel more. Then I would throw in the other factor in regards to if those items are being sold at a good price too. Cause many times you can end up justifying to yourself like “Oh, I need to buy milk anyways” where the price of it is more expensive than usual which in hence cancels out the savings you got from the other purchase.

A lot of numbers and pre-planning I guess you can say in an effort to save money on a daily basis.

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