Planning For Things Between A Downtime

Planning For Things Between A Downtime

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For some reason this week it seems like everyone needs my assistance in some way which means a ton more work than usual. Though one interesting thing was for one piece of work it wouldn’t be until about four hours later until my next job. I was then thinking do I really want to travel all the way back home and then wait like say an hour or two and then travel out again? Or should I find ways to do something where I am at for about three hours or so instead where after I would go there?

For me personally I always try to find something do as I hate the idea of just say sitting there and not doing anything per se. There was actually some stuff that I could do if I invested in the right equipment such as a high end laptop but at the moment I can’t justify it unless it is a constant thing. I have often heard people do use these times to simply invest in their knowledge or education as well such as reading a business book or spending time to research the market more.

That’s one of the reasons I started to do things like blogging too as I felt everyday there is something new to learn where at the same time it is skill building in many ways. But even for me I tend to always try and find new things as you have to change it up from time to time to grow. Actually makes me want to try things like stock investing.

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