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Picking Online Items Up At The Post Office To Save Money

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With my project commencing in trying to find good items and service for one dollar or less a common barrier I have found when it comes to shopping online is the minimum purchase amount you must have to get free shipping. Otherwise you are often charge like $5 in shipping fees where it doesn’t make sense to buy that item that is $2 off the regular price as an example. What I have noticed for a lot of online retailers though is that they give you the option to ship to a local post office in your area. As a result, you get the shipping for free. I used that as an example here for like a 40 cent baby item I found.

My assumption for this is pretty straight forward as it saves the company time and money by simply dumping everything in a center of sorts. At the same time, they probably do a ton of business with post offices as is so it would make sense. The main negative I see is that you can’t exactly request for like an express shipping option if you really needed the item now.

It’s definitely a good alternative though if you see like a crazy good deal for like canned goods and don’t want to spend like $50 worth of items just to get that.

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