Peace of Mind Versus Odds of Usage
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Peace of Mind Versus Odds of Usage

One thing that came up for the upcoming travel was cellular phone usage and it was suggested that I should use roaming services. I was then reading the options available to me and the only option that was not pay per use was to pay $15 a month add-on that would give me unlimited usage. Without a plan, I would simply get any incoming text for free and outgoing would be five cents each.

So thinking about out, since I am only going to be away for a few days it makes more sense financially to not get the monthly add-on. A point was brought up though that many people usually get it just in case something happens. Would you be inclined to get the monthly add-on here for the sake of a peace of mind?

I am inclined to just risk it as my original intention for things like Internet usage was to simply use free wi-fi while receiving text messages whenever Internet options aren’t available to communicate with others. I can’t imagine being in a big city where if I really needed to use a phone for whatever reason that there wouldn’t be ample of local options available.

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