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Paying To Get An Answer You Want To Hear

I was hearing a lot of stories today in regards to buying a home and how people hire home inspectors to ensure that the property is in good shape. However, many times an inspector would fail a building which results in the buyer backing out. This then created a debate where some real estate agents were saying that many times an inspector would over exaggerate problems and to prove this many times people would get a different person who would then say everything is fine.

There was one funny example though where in the building reports it clearly mentioned that this one building had a multitude of problems and the person still really wanted the place. What appeared to happen next was that the person hired an inspector who had a track record of giving the thumbs up to most of the buildings that he inspects. Therefore, if you think about it’s more like he wanted to pay a person to to be like an advocate for him to make the purchase as oppose to giving him non bias opinions.

The more I think about it this is actually really common in other things as well. It’s almost like paying someone to tell you pigs fly even if it’s not true. Sounds so silly, but by the looks of it many people do it.

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