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Paying For The Novelty of Being Bad

Today while spending some time with my nephew we were looking at various video games and this weird game called meme run popped up. It got quite a few buyers and reviews which made me curious on what it was. Upon seeing the trailer, it looked pretty bad as you can see here:

It’s funny though as it seemed like a lot of people were buying it with the expectation that it would be bad. It’s almost like the same consumer base that looks forward to the movie Sharknado and pays to watch something with an expectation that it will be of poor quality. Interesting thought for those who create things to make money and work so hard to make it compete with the best.

My nephew did want me to purchase it, but in the end I didn’t think this was worth like $7. It just looked like something that would be amusing for like a minute. Maybe if this was like under a $1 then that would be a different story.

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