Paying More When You Know It Can Be Found For A Lot Cheaper
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Paying More When You Know It Can Be Found For A Lot Cheaper

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Today I was shopping and my parents asked if I could buy them this particular bread for them since I was in the area. At first I went to one place and it was sold out. The price was about $ dollars for the loaf. I then went to another store within the same mall and they did have plenty of stock. Thing is the item was like $4 there which meant it was double the price.

Normally I would be inclined not to buy it and just wait. But since it was not for myself I bought it as it is one of those you need it now type of scenarios. Times like these it makes me inclined to avoid the store in question for particular items as you learn just how much expensive it can be to shop in the place. That’s usually why I always try to do my shopping in places that have some kind of price matching guarantee who aren’t too picky about smaller items.
If they are picky about items having to be in stock the good thing is that you usually have at least a 14 day grace period. So if the other store replenishes its stock you can easily get back the difference that way.

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