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Paying More Than Needed On A Credit Card Bill

I realized today that since I tend to use my Mastercard a bit more my Visa card is essentially collecting dust. I originally got it not because I needed credit but rather some places only take either or and this way I would at least have the option to use a credit card. On the Visa card though there is a credit balance of about $10 which I dumped in as I remember before signing up the guy told me if this card isn’t used at least once a year they charge you like a $5 fee.

I can easily see myself forgetting about this where if I didn’t use it that $5 will simply continually gain interest. I was even thinking about not signing up for the card in general because of that. This type of non usage fee is kind of strange to me though. Then again, I guess I am not the type of client that the credit card companies want as they want people to not pay their balances in full so that they generate more money. This gives them another way to make money I suppose.

I sometimes pay more on the card than needed too when I know that there is something I know I purchased that hasn’t yet got posted and at the same time it is close to the cut off date. There have been many times where I pay off the card only to find that a few hours later that a bill gets posted on it like two hours later. So technically I then still have an outstanding balance for the month. And if you are not on an unlimited transaction plan with your bank that can cost you more.

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