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Paying More For Items That Are Considered Lucky

lucky mandarin oranges

While browsing around today I say that in this one grocery store that it was selling a lot of Chinese New Year themed items. In this case, I saw these “Lucky Mandarin Oranges” that were selling for $1.99 a pound. That is pretty costly compared to just buying some regular Mandarin oranges. Especially at this time where everyone seems to be carrying the item. It made me think from a business point of view on how easy it is for people to slap a premium price on its product by labeling it as luck.

To me anyways, it seems like you can classify almost everything as lucky to a certain extent whether it be a result of how a certain color is supposed to make things lucky or how some kind of numerical figure and its arrangement creates good fortune. I guess business wise this should make you wonder if you should always be playing into these superstitions as way to create more value for your products.

As a consumer though this is where product knowledge plays a role in helping you to save money. In cases like these, I am inclined to strip the item down to its basic to see just how much of a premium I am paying for the marketing in a sense. With this funny example, I think I feel luckier getting it for free in this case:

mandarin oranges

2 Comments to Paying More For Items That Are Considered Lucky

  • I read that in areas where a large percentage of houses get purchased by overseas money, developers are hiring feng shui consultants to help with floorplan designs. I’d imagine there’s a booming business in seminars on this topic for home staging professionals. No idea what kind of premium this extra consideration commands, but I imagine it’s significant.

    freebird 2/7/2016 11:26 am
  • I think that is kind of a thing here already as I read a few articles where real estate professionals and people looking to sell or buy homes would pay feng shui experts $8000+ to get their expertise on a property.

    Alan Yu 2/7/2016 11:16 pm

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