Paying High Prices Dining Out To Be Polite
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Paying High Prices Dining Out To Be Polite

The other day I was meeting up with a person to do some catching up as it has been years. For the most part we simply went to grab a bite to eat and chatted all day which resulted in going to places like cafes too. The funny thing was for an unrelated shopping item I waiting to get it it from a particular store as it is about $2 cheaper. Yet in this case out of politeness and not wanting the other person to feel weird I ordered like a cup of tea that would probably cost me like 25 cents to make myself for like $2.50

It’s probably just too socially awkward too to tell people ahead of time you would rather not pay those kinds of prices. It definitely added up at the end of the day too. While for myself this isn’t a common everyday habit I can imagine how dining out prices can easily knock people out at the end of the month where they then wonder where all their money went.

Although, I guess one thing I could have done is if I knew ahead of time that we were going to chat for so long I would have simply brought like my own drink and all from a bottle. I think in those cases most people wouldn’t feel strange as the only difference there is you paid way less money for it.

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