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Paying For Work You Don’t Own

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A person was telling me recently that he found a graphics design service where for only about $300 he could get a lot of designers that will try and design a logo for his business. They are all basically competing as eventually the one he chooses as the best will be the one awarded the majority of the service fee. That was pretty cheap I thought to essentially have a large team of designers.

I was reading the terms a little bit further though and what caught my attention is that after you pay the funds and have acquired the logo you don’t have the exclusive rights to it. Basically it’s like you are simply given permission to use it from the designer. That’s kind of silly I thought especially when it comes to something like this.

I know this is very common in like the photography business where the photographers own rights to the pictures taken and many times they simply say license it for other people to use. For stuff like a logo though I would imagine you want to be the person that has exclusive rights to it. I guess it’s one of those you get what you pay for saying too as I suppose that is the catch for that particular company and why it is so cheap.

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