Paying Essentially For Networking

Paying Essentially For Networking

I had an interesting conversation with a person today about a private school and how it is rather pricey. The tuition for less than a year is over $12,000 and it was expressed that they didn’t learn much. I then mentioned how if anything they probably met a lot of people who may become a useful contact in the future as networking is often a key thing you get out of schools. That then brought up a comment how if someone wanted to network with people they could find better ways to spend $12,000 for that.

I always consider a lot of events such as seminars or various private group classes to be more of networking event personally from the start. The topic that you are learning in general is more to meet like-minded people I feel in a lot of cases. It’s not uncommon for me to hear too of people who get opportunities more because of the people they met from various classes as opposed to the actual skill or strategy they were learning.

I guess you can say that’s another factor I think about when I pay to attend events to learn something because you can only do so much with a skill or knowledge if you don’t actually apply it on a regular basis. Usually that requires being around a group of like-minded people so you should expect to meet people as part of the service, so to speak.

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