Parents Spending $50,000 On Their Child’s Third Birthday
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Parents Spending $50,000 On Their Child’s Third Birthday

This piece of news was being thrown around my news feeds today. Apparently there was a scenario where a family in Australia decided to hold a lavish birthday party for their three year old where the bill was almost $50,000. As you can imagine, this generated a lot of backlash from people who say this is an irresponsible way to spend money and that it could be put to better use.

Now if I am not mistaken, from what I read the dad actually does these types of events as a business. Therefore, he probably gets a huge discount and as well he is using it as a way to promote the company. But regardless of that, I always wonder why people are so uptight when people spend their own money in these ways.


For myself personally, the times where I would personally be a little cynical about scenarios like this is if this is the same family the next day who complains that they can’t make ends meet and requires more income assistance as an example. If they have their finances all in check then who is it for anyone to say how they spend it really?

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