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Overestimate Your Workload Instead

I was hammering away at this project today where initially I thought it was going to be pretty straight forward. However, as it turns out I didn’t anticipate that the platform I was working on was going to be updated. As a result of these changes, I had to adjust a lot of my work to accommodate these changes or else everything would look as if it was broken. This was a project that I had already price quoted the person for too at a pretty low rate. In this case though, it’s a little unprofessional I feel to then go back and say things changed.

This was a little blunder on my part as usually I would quote a time that is more than needed to accommodate any unexpected circumstances like this. In that scenario if I finish quicker too I can then tell the person it went faster than expected and then slash the price appropriately. It works a lot better than the other way around where one can’t help but feel that they are being ripped off. One of those things where you always nag people to do but at times you get caught doing yourself.

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