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Over One Million Hits

Recently some people I knew were interested in selling their site and one person in particular told me that his site received over 10,000 hits a month which gave him confidence to sell it at a very high price as to him that was a lot of visitors. There is usually a misconception on what a “hit” really means and I thought this was a good time to write about it as I have a perfect example of it right here.

Back in the earlier Internet days everyone referred to a person visiting a site as a “hit”. A lot of people still carry this mentality as you see this on the news all the time as well. And yes, I purposely made the post title to say “hits” as I’m pretty sure most people had the mentality that it meant “visitors”. Nowadays it is usually broken down into multiple categories with a “hit” simply meaning a file or page request.

For example, if you visit a page with ten photos then that would be elevens hits(Ten for the photos and one for the page itself). Although, a lot of people would be inclined to think that meant eleven people visited the page.

So far for this month, the blog has been incredibly busier than normal and I thought this was such good visual example on how a “hit” doesn’t really mean too much from a statistics point of view if you are trying to correlate it with the amount of foot traffic that a site is receiving. Take a look at this screenshot of my statistics up until yesterday compared to last month:

I think it is safe to say that the amount of visits/sessions will easily double compared to last month, but notice how the amount of “hits” are more than five times as much? As you can see, it is mostly due to files such as certain posts that have multiple images. The real part you would want to focus on if you are trying to analyze your traffic in this case would be the “pageviews” and “sessions”. Based on looking at that, up until yesterday the average was approximately 3100 visits and 4656 page views a day.

Very simple knowledge to keep in mind if this is a new territory for you. Keep in mind that different site analytic programs may report things differently as well. In general, don’t focus too much on how many “hits” that you get if you are trying to compile statistical data for important analytical purposes.

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