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Online Shopping Won This Boxing Day

It seems like most of my money went to online retailers this year as virtually every deal I saw was cheaper online. For example, most of my business went to Amazon as they were usually offering the items for at least 10% cheaper than what the competitors were offering for the same item. At the same time, even traditional retailers offered most of its discounts online early at its online sites which gives no reason for you to line up in the cold.

It was disappointing in some ways as it seems like traditional retailers simply couldn’t compete due to having a higher cost of operations. At the same time, I would dare to say that a lot of companies dumped their best deals on Black Friday and as a result the Boxing Day deals weren’t as good. I guess this is why too a lot of retailers are opting to turn their stores into showrooms or to be vendor paid advertisement space. Will be interesting to see if any large box retailers will try harder to go more digital in 2014.

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