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One Time License or A Lifetime License For Work Thoughts

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I was thinking the other day as there was a pitch a company presented where if you decide to work with them it would give you access to a broad range of artistic resources to work with where you essentially have a free license to do so. Of course the stipulation is you have to tie yourself down with the company. It didn’t interest me much since I had my own library of tools to work with where I paid a lifetime licensee for it.

I think that can be important budget wise when doing some kind of business. Having a ton of renewal or one time use type of memberships that you have to constantly renew can get costly. That is why I usually try and make purchases for things like software that will give me unrestricted use and access for what I paid for as it makes managing expenses in those categories very easy as it is a one-time use. Using music is a great example of this where the freedom to use it whenever helps immensely.

It’s probably very good business for people on the other end though. But for yourself I would imagine for those who don’t have unlimited budgets it’s often better to get something that won’t surprise you financially in the end.

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