One Device Replacing A Bunch of Other Items
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One Device Replacing A Bunch of Other Items

So today I thought I would do something different as I was speaking with a person who was literally blind. He invited people to ask him any questions about his lifestyle and my first thoughts was to ask if he carried a bunch of equipment to get around as a blind person. Interestingly enough, he said all he really had to do was carry around an iPhone.

From what I saw, basically he uses voice programs which read every text out loud for him to hear. He was then saying how things like an iPhone has pretty much eliminated the need to carry around a bunch of programs. It kind of amazes me as even a person like myself sees it more as just a convenient way to make phone calls and such whereas other people use it to replace a whack of devices they would normally have to use.

He was even saying too how it saves a lot of money this way. For one thing it sure made me think that if you think you have to go through hoops in life to do things you just have to remember that there are many who have to go through way more. As well, we don’t usually get the most out of the things we own and like in this case educating yourself as to how others use the devices can open a whole new world as to how you can use more of its tools.

It can potentially save you a lot of money from buying additional devices as what you have may already be able to do so.

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