One Big Diverse Solution or Lots of Spares
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One Big Diverse Solution or Lots of Spares

I was debating today as I was thinking of buying some extra batteries for an item. The issue I was thinking was how the batteries cost almost one hundred dollars each which lasts for like thirty minutes. If I was to buy a few of them that would add up. With that price tag I was thinking of buying one of those mini portable power centers that are like two hundred dollars instead. Would that not make more sense financially I was thinking?

Granted the main negative is that you can’t exactly switch the dead battery with a new one right away this way, but I was thinking how it makes more sense to only buy like one extra battery and spend the rest on a power center. Basically alternate batteries per use possibly if needed. I thought it was kind of crazy that people would have like six spare batteries as an example.

I suppose like anything you pay for the convenience of having like six batteries. Financially though I think it makes sense to buy large items that can potentially serve in other ways too.

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