Offering Value Versus Just Being Free

Offering Value Versus Just Being Free

I was reading an odd pitch the other day where a person really wanted to get involve in a field where he admired the sights and places that a specific person got to go frequently. The person’s pitch was essentially he will be the person’s helper free of charge as he just wants to be involved in some way. The response was the person didn’t really need assistants as it is a one person job and wouldn’t really have the ability to bring a guest of sorts to the events unless they were in a sense some kind of media as an example. His main selling point was still that he would do everything for free.

I think this was a great example how often times it’s not just about money but rather being able to add some kind of important value. Like here the person implied media member where I would imagine if the person focused in presenting a way how he has the ability to give those companies additional press and exposure by tagging along. That’s probably more effective than just saying they would do it for free. Otherwise it would be like you are going for business and work while this person wants to tag along to the point where you are simply babysitting.

Just like receiving offers from companies to entice you to go to their stores if what they are offering you for free doesn’t really hold any value for you most likely you wouldn’t take them on their offer. No different in these cases business wise I would say.

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