Odd Buy One Get One Free Samsung Phone Deal During Pandemic

Odd Buy One Get One Free Samsung Phone Deal During Pandemic

Everyone likes a good deal and it’s not unusual to see companies offer a buy one get one free deal. Recently a company called Freedom Mobile is offering people who buy a Samsung phone while activating a plan that is at least $60/month for each of them you will get one phone free. I personally think that is actually a bit expensive still. But what it made me think is how it states this is an in-store promotion only.

That’s kind of odd as during this pandemic people are encouraged to stay at home. Then again, with businesses re-opening maybe this is a way to try and get people to actually go to the stores again. I personally don’t see why a phone company would really need foot traffic in these cases during these times. But would you actually do this for your business?

It makes more sense if it was something like a grocery store I feel where a lot of purchases are often a result of someone going inside where with proper merchandising people can then get the urge to buy something on the spot that they think is a good deal. I don’t think I have ever went to a phone store to browse around and then all of a sudden decide I want a phone I didn’t really need as well as a two year plan. I guess it must work to a certain extent though.

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